Witnesses of Friendship and Reconciliation

Fr Frans alone in ruins
Fr Frans Van der Lugt SJ, a Dutch Jesuit who was killed in Homs, Syria in April 2014

Far from the media's spotlight, the Jesuits and their courageous co-workers serve at the frontiers of war and violence. Risking their lives daily, they reach out humbly and persistently for the peace and reconciliation of Christ.

They are not forgotten. A touching letter of support and appreciation was written by their fellow Jesuits from all over the world at the General Congregation 36 of the Society of Jesus in Rome. The Irish Jesuit Missions would like to share this heartfelt message with you, our readers and supporters.

Christmas is a special time for children

Happy Christmas IJM

Christmas is a special time for children. They teach us wonder and joy as they open their Christmas gifts. Every year we are nourished by that same wonder and joy as we gather around the crib and gaze at the baby Jesus in the manger.

Education in Uganda

Education in Uganda
Sr. Dr. Alice Jurugo Drajea

Currently I serve the Catholic Diocese of Arua. It is in the West Nile Region in North Western Uganda as Deputy Education Secretary. My specific area is to supervise and coordinate preprimary and primary schools under the Catholic Foundation to ensure quality education. My senior, Fr. Andrew Inyaga the Education Secretary, takes care of the secondary schools and at the same time teaches in the diocesan minor seminary while being a chaplain at the urban Mvara secondary school.

Listening to children

a place of peace kakuma
Kakuma Refugee Camp. (Angela Wells/JRS)

Children in the context of a refugee camp, an urban setting, or any other location around the world fall into a category of individuals who are extremely vulnerable. Simply looking at their status in the world will identify that. They are unable to make decisions on their own, and have to depend on others in order to survive. All individuals need psychosocial support for their wellbeing. Some children might need additional psychosocial care to improve their quality of life if they have experienced trauma, have lived through a disaster, or are not receiving adequate support from a caregiver.

Safe places for children

growing up in Kenya
Lucy Monari

Child protection is a term that I have come to get used to and understand fully only in my adulthood. To understand why, you would need a little exposure of my childhood. I grew up in Kisii, a small village in Western Kenya, the fifth born in a family of eight. I was in this context till I completed high school in the 1990’s. My mother was our main mentor as my father worked away in the city and only came home at the end of the year. As a child, just like any other children we just did what we were told, did all the errands at home and at school as required by the parent/teacher and we loved it.

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