Irish Men behind the Missions: Fr Tom McGivern SJ RIP

Fr Tom McGivern SJ Zambia
Fr Tom McGivern SJ passed on to his final reward on the 14th January 2017 in his 90th year. Encouraged by his friends and family, he had completed his biography in January 2011.The following excerpts are drawn from ‘As I Remember’ as Tom relates his life story weaving into it references to some of the momentous historical events of the 20th century.

Homily for Fr Tom McGivern SJ by Joe Hayes SJ

Fr Tom McGivern SJ Zambia
When I think of you Tom the image that comes to my mind is that of the reluctant hero, reluctant because you are the last to realize that in so many of our eyes you are a hero. You spent your life as part of critical movements you did not initiate but which you did your best to move forward. You are a very private man about your inner dreams but I suspect that privacy didn't come from shyness alone but from a sense that the second reading is trying to communicate. "We are earthenware vessels, doing the best we can, but always appreciating we are part of a deeper movement, the movement of our transcendent God."

Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice

arturo sosa sj
General Congregation 36, Fr Arturo Sosa SJ and delegates

The delegates of the Jesuit General Congregation 36, held in Rome would like to share with you the fruits of their discussions captured in this decree ‘Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice’.

These extracts are taken from the full document that aspires to bring hope and a strengthened commitment to mission to members of the Society of Jesus and their collaborators in ‘a faith that does justice’.

Witnesses of Friendship and Reconciliation

Fr Frans alone in ruins
Fr Frans Van der Lugt SJ, a Dutch Jesuit who was killed in Homs, Syria in April 2014

Far from the media's spotlight, the Jesuits and their courageous co-workers serve at the frontiers of war and violence. Risking their lives daily, they reach out humbly and persistently for the peace and reconciliation of Christ.

They are not forgotten. A touching letter of support and appreciation was written by their fellow Jesuits from all over the world at the General Congregation 36 of the Society of Jesus in Rome. The Irish Jesuit Missions would like to share this heartfelt message with you, our readers and supporters.

Christmas is a special time for children

Happy Christmas IJM

Christmas is a special time for children. They teach us wonder and joy as they open their Christmas gifts. Every year we are nourished by that same wonder and joy as we gather around the crib and gaze at the baby Jesus in the manger.

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