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Your donation will help to save Malawi's trees and protect people's health

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world where fewer than one in ten people have access to electricity. To cook, wash or heat water, people have to light a fire. The fuel they use is wood. This means that Malawi's forests are being cut down at a rate of 33,000 hectares every year. If this continues it will be completely treeless by 2079. While cooking and the domestic use of wood is not the only source of pressure on Malawi's trees, it is one that we can help to prevent.

A simple ceramic cooking stove uses drastically less firewood than the traditional 'three-stone' method of cooking. Distributing these stoves to households in poor rural communities in Malawi means that less firewood is consumed and therefore fewer trees are cut down. It also emits less toxic smoke, saving women and children from respiratory diseases.

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